Honoring Fathers: Gift Ideas for an Extra Special Father's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Check out Doctor M’s large selection of men’s eyewear he’s sure to love! 

The list of accessories that men, and in particular dads, can enjoy is shorter than a gift-giver would like: a wristwatch, a pair of shoes, a belt from a brand he’s loved for ages. But, it’s undeniable that a surefire gift and the most eye-catching addition to dad’s wardrobe is a pair of unique frames. So, for this special occasion, let’s help you choose the perfect gift, one Dad will want to flaunt every day!

Classic, with a twist

There’s no doubt that many fathers embrace a more classic style. After all, they’re spending most of their time at work and taking care of the family; fashion takes a backseat a lot of the time. But, fear not, because we have brands that are a perfect fit for his style. First up, Tommy Hilfiger, a brand with a long-standing history of effortless elegance and charm. Its personality is ideal for those who want a touch of subtle yet distinctive fashion. You can also go a step further, especially with the younger dads, by opting for a pair of Calvin Klein men’s glasses. This ever-contemporary brand is also known for its striking personality and any Calvin Klein glasses would be the perfect gift for the modern classic man.

Sporty, active, and always elegant

A lot of dads maintain an active lifestyle to take care of their health, longevity, and looks, so sports or some kind of physical activity is a staple in their daily routine. These dads would look all the more cool with a pair of iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses, specifically the Ray-Ban Aviator frames. Their design is so distinct, it’s easily recognizable on celebrities and in movies. You can also go for Ray-Ban eyeglasses if your dad needs a little vision correction while hitting the gym or going on a much-needed hike. Another ideal choice for the outdoorsy dad is Lacoste eyewear. With its modern flair and rich history of sporty elegance, A pair of Lacoste sunglasses or eyeglasses makes for a perfect gift for the active man of today.

Dad the businessman

On-the-go businessmen who spend a lot of their time in offices and running from one business meeting to another are dads too and ones who definitely need some Father’s Day pampering! We know it can be difficult to pick out the right gift for them sometimes, but we’ve got two words for you: Armani eyewear. Emporio Armani sunglasses and eyeglasses are a luxurious, sophisticated, and sleek gift that adds a classy touch to any man’s style. But, they’re not the only option we have for you; Hugo Boss eyewear is always a good choice when it comes to a gift for a man in the corporate world. Sunglasses from this ultra-famous brand come with modern designs that also maintain high performance, and their eyeglasses range come in various designs and styles to wow any picky papa.

Of course, these are just the tip of the eyewear iceberg when it comes to gifts for Father’s Day! Every dad has his own style and unique personality, and at Doctor M, you’ll find the latest collections and designs from a variety of men’s sunglasses and eyeglasses brands that suit every lifestyle. Head to your nearest Doctor M store and have one of our experts help you pick out your gift, or visit the website and browse our gift guide curated specifically for the occasion! You can even experiment with the Virtual Try-On tool for easy and fast shopping.

We wish your dads a Happy Father’s Day, and if you’re a dad reading this, send this over to your family for a little helping hint!

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