5 Unrivaled Benefits for Shopping at Doctor M

Discover Why Doctor M Is Your Go-To Lifestyle Optical Store

Doctor M is a lifestyle optical shop that provides specialized and accessible eye care for customers of all age groups and all walks of life in a friendly, positive, and trustworthy environment. This pioneering concept, with a mission to provide “Eye care for all”, was developed by MAGRABi, the leading eye care specialist and fashion optical retailer in the region. 

Doctor M caters to customer demands as well as ever-changing market trends and takes pride in offering a cutting-edge retail customer experience built on three pillars: excellent optometry, unmatched store experience, and happy customers.

Indeed, Doctor M proudly delivers a one-of-a-kind in-store and online eyewear shopping experience that perfectly combines quality and convenience in a happy and joyful environment.

Learn About the 5 Advantages That Set Doctor M Apart

1.  Expert Eye Care: Conceived by MAGRABi Retail Group,Doctor M builds on a long legacy of unmatched quality in eye care, offering top-notch optical solutions to customers of all age groups. This full-fledged store provides distinguished services through the best eye care doctors and professionals, using cutting-edge equipment.

2.  Great Variety: With a vast selection of fun, cool, and stylish eyewear brands for men, women, and kids, customers will enjoy navigating through the colorful store that is so inviting and radiating with positivity. They can shop their favorite sunglasses brands nd prescription glasses of various styles, colors, and materials, as well as clear and color contact lenses – with a wide choice of powers and durations to suit their lifestyle – all while being guided by seasoned eye professionals.

3.  An All-Inclusive Pack: Shoppers can also benefit from Doctor M Lucky Pack (SAR 400), which includes glasses frames, corrective lenses, and a lifelong service for the eyeglasses frames, in addition to a 1-year product warranty against manufacturing defects.

4.  Optimum Convenience: Aside from quality,Doctor Mis all aboutpracticality and convenience, two elements on which the optical store concept was built. In fact, with the presence of more than one eye test room in most stores, dedicated counters for faster transactions, and a thematic merchandise display, a shopper’s journey at Doctor M does not exceed 25 minutes, including checking in, taking the free eye vision test with a qualified and experienced optometrist, selecting the frame and lens (for the eyeglasses) with the help of a highly experienced optician, making the insurance claim, and checking out. At Doctor M, we accept policies from most insurance providers, such as Tawuniya, Bupa Arabia, and others.

5.  Optimism: Doctor M guarantees a unique and special optical shopping experience filled with cool, fun, and positive vibes. Its main mission is to put a smile on every client’s face. Eventually, customer happiness is one of our goals, and we pride ourselves in employing friendly, welcoming, and highly trained staff who strive to spread joy, offer an optimistic lens on life, and are committed to providing a unique and seamless optical experience.

Doctor M is currently in key cities in KSA, with plans to expand across the Kingdom and the region. Make sure to ask about your free eye test or take a walk-in appointment at your nearest Doctor M store.

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